Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Reading, Relaxing and Still Vacationing...

How can it be September already? For some of you, September probably didn't come soon enough! Now it's back to regular routines with the kids back in school and the expressions of "I'm bored" and "there's nothing to do" no longer echo throughout the house. My summer has stretched on for awhile longer. I don't have kids so I am able to make the lovely warm days of summer last without having too strict of a routine. Okay, I'll be honest, I have NO routine! (*_*) All I know is that blogging has definitely taken a back seat this many of you have probably noticed!

When I first set out to blog, I had my mind made up that I wasn't going to be pressured to blog just for the sake of blogging!, and that's obviously what has happened this summer. My Mom was here for six weeks, we went on a few camping trips and now we have a three week reprive before we go on a two week camping trip to Lake Powell and the Grand Canyon. I'm looking so forward to it because my brother and his family and perhaps my Mom as well are all coming along and we haven't been on a family holiday together since we were teenagers. Should be a riot! I've never been to the Grand Canyon and neither has my family, except for my husband, so this will be a first for all of us. Plus, Lake Powell is an amazing place! For those of you who are not familiar with it, do you remember the first Planet of the Apes movie where the spaceship with Charleton Heston lands in the water in this strange looking moonscape of a landscape? Well, that was filmed at Lake Powell. It's a beautiful place that borders on Southern Utah and Arizona. See how gorgeous it is!...the last picture is of Bryce Canyon, another breathtaking place in Utah!

During the summer I have had a chance to do abit of reading as well, something that I dearly love to do, but never seem to make time for. I read three books in a row and enjoyed them all...

These three books were all really enjoyable especially the last one...quite hilarious! The Shack is quite a controversial book in some circles and while I enjoyed reading it, the jury is still out on that one. I haven't really made up my mind about it yet! The Birth of Venus was an excellent read and the last one by Fannie Flagg was my favorite! There are more books by this author with the same characters in them so I think I'll have to seek them out. The best thing about these books is that all paperbacks in my favorite thrift store are $1 and hard covers are $2 so reading all three of these only set me back $3. I can live with that!

Now I have three weeks to catch up on web site work until I go galavanting off again! I hope you all had a fantastic summer and that you are able to stretch things out abit the way I am. Autumn is by far my favorite season of the year though so I'm looking forward to fall decorating and entertaining! It's almost time to cozy up our homes! What fun! Until next time, ~Stacy~ xo

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The Spanish Dahlia said...

Hi Stacy.
So glad to hear that you are "living Life"! Good for you and your family. Life is about creating the kind of world you want it to be, there's nothing like an adventure's spirit, and of course, the whole adventure. Wow, you are going to take in the majestic Grand Canyon.... How wonderful for you! I too love adventures and travel, and usually travel whenever my family and I have the time and opportunity. We've been quite blessed and work very hard for what we have, and we always thoroughly try to experience our adventure with all our senses and live in "the moment." So, cheers to you and live it up!
~ Steph