Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Life Is Simple...

Life is simple. As I gaze at this beautiful photograph of Sandra Bullock I can't help but wonder why so many of us choose to complicate our lives with so many unnecessary things. Just take a glance at this photograph...clean, simple, beautiful, white, serene...these are all words that come to mind when looking at this lovely woman and most of those words describe how I'm feeling about my life.

A new year always seems to make me think about so many things...things that have happened to me this past year or so and things that I want to accomplish in the coming year. This evening I had a chance to read some of the various popular blogs and web sites that so many of you ladies visit, sometimes on a daily basis. They are all so beautiful; full of expression, creativity, lovely graphics, breathtaking products and a lot of hard, hard work. It made me think...hmmm...yes, I should be updating my web site for the new year, giving my blog a new look, networking with other business women to increase my contacts, seek out new links, redo my graphics...yes, lots of things. In all honesty, it just makes me tired. Yes friends, this is honesty right down to the bare bones...I just don't feel like it. I read all of the things that everyone is doing and I, don't those ladies ever get tired and just feel like taking a day off...a week off...maybe longer? I know I do and many of them have several small children at home...I don't, never have, so it seriously makes me wonder what is wrong with me!

My New Year's resolutions? Less complication, less stress, more relaxing times, more laughter and more fun! If that means my web site doesn't get updated for awhile...oh well! If that means that my house looks way emptier...good! These past few days I have been gathering up tons of my personal treasures to sell...things that I never thought I would part with in a million years and I don't have anything to take their place. Do you ever notice how much better you feel when you clean out a room and get rid of all the clutter? It must be a January thing...this whole post must be a January thing. (*_*)

So remember, if you are feeling overwhelmed and bombarded with the everyday things, take some time out, clean something out, take a few days off. Your business will survive, your family will survive too. Life really is simple...we are the ones who complicate it. On that note, I am going off to read my new Victoria magazine that came in the mail today. If that's not relaxing, I don't know what is.... ~Stacy~ xo


Cottage said...


I love Sandra too! She is so lovely in that photo...simple, gorgeous and unassuming.

I read your blog and wanted to Cheer! I too am getting rid of my valuable clutter, wrapped up for storage for the expensive items I love but want to take a break from and other items have been given away for a fresh clean Shabby Simple look.

Your website and blog are fabulous just the way they are! Some things don't need to change.

Vintage Rose Collection said...

I really love this post Stacy! Its so true how we can complicate our lives, and it is so simple. When you simplify, life really can be a bowl of cherries...
Thank you Stacy for sharing!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Stacy ~ Oh my goodness !!! Isn't that so true ! Sometimes we need to sit back and really remember what is important in life ~
Thank you for the wonderful reminder for the start of my week ~