Friday, December 21, 2007

What's Christmas Without A Little Bit Of Fun!

So the tree has been up for quite awhile already and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I have lots of pics to post and I will try to get them up on my Photo Gallery page on the web site soon! A few years back I started a little tradition, with myself, to find a funny or quirky ornament every year to put on my tree. I wanted to add a bit of whimsy and not just have the same boring, stodgy ornaments year after year.

The first year I spotted this hilarious "pink" lady ornament in a speciality Christmas store. She's quite the gal sipping on her drink with her pink mermaid tail and matching hair. I knew I had to have her! Now let me tell you, my Mom hates this ornament. She's so polite and doesn't say much, but I know when my Mom does not approve and she doesn't have the same sense of humor that I do for these sorts of things. I'm sure she thinks it's ghastly! (*_*) The next year I came across this cute pink pig at Target in the Christmas aisle. I have a few of these tucked in my branches. My "weird" ornaments are not front and center on the tree, but rather they are tucked in here and there so they give someone something to go back and look at as they are passing by.

I have not found my quirky ornament for this year yet. I did find a rather delightful toad ornament with a pink crown on his head at Steinmart, but I neglected to buy it and the only Steinmart here in Salt Lake is quite far from my home so I haven't been back. I should have bought him when I first saw him! So I say, add a bit of fun and whimsy to your tree! It will delight you and children alike...and maybe some adults too! ~Stacy~ xoxo

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Vintage Rose Collection said...

oh stac, thanks for the chuckle tonite..That pink pig is adorable!!! and the chubby mermaid too.
Your mom sounds like mine, she would never say anyting to hurt me.. Ahhhhhhhh... :)
Merry Christmas to you and Wayne...
Love Jo