Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Few Simple Things...

I actually took it fairly easy today. I have been so busy lately with the web site and other things that even though I worked today and went out as well, it felt like a slower day to me. As I was walking by one of my china cupboards, I snapped a few photo's of some simple items that bring me joy. I love this pink fairy. I love adding whimsy to my decor and I have several of these pretty fairies in different styles around our house in unexpected places. I love this one because of the pink and the wild hairdo she has!

I love old china epecially old pieces from Bavaria and Germany and I love the old Limoges pieces as well. They alway seem to be so pretty and delicate and have the best looking pink roses around!

This is a favorite little teapot. I just love it! I believe I purchased it from Chris at Tutti Chic!

I purchased these lovely vintage shakers on Ebay. I don't really buy much on Ebay anymore. It seems like I am always unsatisfied with my purchases by descriptions that are not honest or accurate...but I love these! The seller was right on the money with this lovely pair ~ thank you! (*_*)

This was the end of day...the poor little devil! Bobo had to go in for his shots today so we can take him on our trip with us as we have to cross the Canadian border. I think the trip tuckered him out! The poor guy. He growled and tried to bite the vet when she tried to take his temperature (hey, who wouldn't!) and then they had to muzzle him to give him his shot. He is still adjusting to life without his companion Chewy. He has been a little bit "off" since Chewy has been gone. It's only been a week. Give him some time...he'll come around..and so will we!


Vintage Rose Collection said...

Stacy, I love those bottles.. I want them!

And your little fairy girl.. I would love to be her for halloweeny..LOL

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Hi Stacy ! Those are such pretty things and pretty pictures :o) Bobo looks all tuckered out ~ getting shots is no fun at all !

Tutti Chic said...

What lovely things! How could I ever have let that beautiful roses teapot out of my house!LOL! chris