Monday, June 9, 2014

Musical Chairs

Last week I had the chance to go junking with a
good friend of mine.  We found the best stuff and
had such a wonderful day!  At one of our favorite
antique malls, we came across an amazing pink
needlepoint chair!  It was everything I adore in a 
chair and it was like it was made for my front room!
Alas, the price was just abit too high for me and
I walked away without it.

On our very last stop at one of the thrift stores
that we frequent (and with only 20 minutes to
go until closing), I came across this adorable little
French Provincial chair.  It was only $8.00.  Yes,
you read that right!  It jumped into my cart
pretty quickly when I saw the price.  I got a cute
little chair after all!

Well this story takes another little twist and turn...

I was speaking to my Mom on the phone that night
and described my thrift shop find with her and I
also described that glorious needlepoint chair that
was in the antique mall.  She thought that it 
sounded really pretty...we talked about it for
some time.  We get off on these tangents you see...

The next morning the phone rang quite early and
the caller id announced that it was my Mom.  I
thought that it was kind of strange (she lives in
Canada) seeing as how we had talked for some
time the night before.  Right away I could tell by
the sound of her voice that something was up!
She said...I want you to go on a caper for me!
Mom and I are always going on capers when we
are together!  (*_*)  She told me that she wanted
me to go down to the antique mall and pick up
that beautiful pink french chair!  Of course I told
her that I couldn't and that it just wasn't in the
cards for me at that particular time.

She told me that I most certainly could go and get
it because she had called down to the antique mall
and had purchased it for me as a present!  What???
My Mom is always up to something!  She had an old
flyer of all of the antique stores and sales that she
had brought home with her, looked up the number
to the antique mall and phoned them first thing in
the morning and purchased the chair for me!

That is just the kind of person my Mom is.  She is
always trying to do things for me and buy things
for me and I'm always saying NO!  I guess she
decided to totally bypass me this time and leave
out the middle man...that would be me!

Little does she know that I had already purchased
some gorgeous china for her from an Etsy shop in
Canada (Jennelise Rose) and it is on the way to
her.  She should be receiving it today and I did
that before I even told her about the chair.

That will serve her right!  (*_*)

Oh, and the $8.00 chair?  It is already downstairs
in the guest bedroom that is decorated with
French Provincial furniture!  



Mari said...

Stacy your mom is such a sweetie to gift you that gorgeous chair, I love the needlepoint fabric and all the gorgeous detail on her....enjoy your beautiful chair!


The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh Stacy....OMG, honestly that is the most gorgeous chair I have ever seen, it is soooo perfect for your house! Your Mom is over the top fabulous for buying this.....I am sure she find it easy though with such a fabulous daughter!!!

ps: Thank you for all of the support you have given me with the Flea...Your the best


Shabby chic Sandy said...

What a sweet Mother you have! I have a great Mom too. Thanks for sharing your story and enjoy your new chairs! I am addicted to chairs--it seems like you can always fit in one more ;)

June said...

Oh this is so awesome Stacy! I love your mom and I haven't even met her. What a sweetheart she is!!! I ADORE your that chair! Oh my goodness, it is beautiful! You have such beautiful style and I love it! I also love the french chair. What a great find!
sending hugs...

Jennelise said...

That is the most adorable story! I can't believe I haven't seen this sooner :) What a lovely Mom you have! The chairs are both so beautiful (the pink one makes me swoon). Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment! It is always wonderful to hear from you and I hope that you are having a marvellous summer!
Jennelise xx