Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Marie Antoinette Favs - Part 2

Today is a continuation of my previous post showing some of my favorite
pictures and pieces inspired by Marie Antoinette.  The picture above was
purchased at an antique auction.  It is quite a big picture and the frame
is just fabulous and chunky with tons of ornate details.  I love the pretty
pastel colored tapestry...such sweet little maidens in pink dresses!

This is a huge sofa print that I have had for several years.  It hangs in my
front room on the main wall.  I love it and don't think that I'll ever part with it.

This shows abit more of the detail.  I just can't get over how realistic this
picture looks.  The details are just amazing.  The marble columns look like the
real thing and the fabric on the ladies' dresses looks just like real satin.

This lovely figurine looks like a version of Marie Antoinette to me.  It has such
pretty details and I love the pastel colors.  She even has a tiny pearl
necklace around her neck.  So sweet!

This is an adorable French style figurine that I picked up at an antique mall for
a mere $6.00.  I love his pink and white outfit and you can see in the mirror
his cute braid down his back complete with matching pink ribbon.

This adorable little boy figurine was picked up at a local thrift store for a whole
50 cents.  I think he is so cute and I love the colors on his outfit.  You will
notice if you look closely that the foot that is tucked under his leg is missing.
I didn't care...I couldn't leave him there.  He was too cute for that!  (*_*)

I hope you have enjoyed a glimpse at some of my favorite Marie Antoinette
inspired treasures.  In my next post I will be showing you one of my favorite
pieces of furniture with sweet French style treasures inside!

Until next time,



Shabby chic Sandy said...

Everything you have is beautiful. I used to have that sofa print when I decorated in Victorian. Love the figurines!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I had to go back and read part one. You have a great collection of art and I love the figurine. You "Miss thrifty" got some fabulous deals on your treasures


Pollyanna said...

Just charming, not sure how I missed the fist installment though ... thanks for sharing.

Michele said...


Pearl 13.1