Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mr. Cherub Is All Decked Out!

This year I have been abit lazy with my Valentine's Day decorating.
This is kind of strange for me seeing as how I have so much pink stuff
hanging around this house!  So I got to it and decked out my sweet
crackled cherub that I purchased recently...like I need another statue...

I bought him at Tai Pan Trading Company and if any of you are fortunate
enough to have one of those stores near you (there aren't very many,
only a handful) then you know what I'm talking about.  This guy is over
two feet tall and he is made out of heavy ceramic.  I just love him!

I added all sorts of ribbon and things to bling him up!

Here is a vintage three strand pearl necklace and some really wide pink
ribbon with wired edging ~ love that stuff, it's so great for bows!

I also added some pretty crinkled seam binding ribbon and some cream
grosgrain ribbon.  The little necklace of sorts that you see in the very
center is actually off a belt buckle that I found at the thrift store.  I just
took it off the belt and added a piece of pink ribbon to it for hanging.
You can find all sorts of great belts at the thrift store for only a dollar
or two and they always have lots of bling on them!

I added some of my own bling too...a crystal encrusted heart necklace
and an angel wing necklace which I absolutely LOVE ~ I have earrings too!

So here it is all together...kind of a mixed up menagerie, but I think
it looks pretty cute for Valentine's Day  (*_*)

He's all ready for February 14th!

And of course I couldn't resist showing a parting shot of his cute little wings...

I hope you enjoyed the pictures...



Georgianna said...

So cute! I haven't done any VTD decorating and am sure I won't get to so am enjoying your little statue! Have fun! ♥♥

The Polka Dot Closet said...

We don't have a store like that, wish I did! I love him he is the perfect Valentines cupid! You beat me in the valentines decor, I hung a heart wreath on the door, yep that's it!


caThiE said...

He's incredibly cute and so "you!" hugs. . .

Rona Gregory said...

Well Stacy you beat me on that too! Like you I went 'home' for Christmas and would you believe I dragged a pink christmas tree all the way back from the UK to Canada?! I had every intention of using it for Valentines but that old thing called work sorta got in the way of crafting! Your mums house looks beautiful...and the little visitors! I have chipmunks and a coyote in mine LOL!

Thanks for stopping in at mine and complimenting Miss Titty Ha Ha!

Ro x

Miss Gracie's House said...

Well, everyday can be Valentine's Day at your house! The cherub is gorgeous...I have heard of that store and think we may have one nearby...will have to check.

June said...

LOVE-LOVE-LOVE him Stacy!!!! That must make you smile every time you look at him. What a great find he was my friend.
Thank you for your well wishes on the RH feature. I can't wait to see it myself : )
hugs from here....

Cheryl said...

OH what a cutie pie you have! Hmmm now I must find one too! lol

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh yea, I have recovered from the party, the lingering guests have finally left and the house is back in order! I'm planning to make it an annual thing so start thinking about what your girl will wear next year!


Sandy said...

Looooooooooove it Stacy!

please see the email from me! :)

Sandy :)