Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ruffles, Roses & Glam Cowgirls ~ Spring Fashion 2011

Most of us are wanting spring...right now!  I was cruising around the web the other day looking at fashion blogs and fashion web sites to see what the designers have come up with for their spring collections.  Seeing what is "in" this spring has me all giddy and excited!  This year it's all about flowers, roses and ruffles and pure femininity is all the rage!  Take for example the picture above from the Ralph Lauren collection.  Can you say YUMMY!  Look at the detailing on the first little jacket, tons of ruching and lace!  The second long spring coat is just stunning...lovely blue gingham with lace ruffles around the sleeves, collar and hemline.  I am in love!

I love this look too with the long lace skirt and cowboy elements.  That is another look that is very popular this spring...Glam Cowgirl!  Love it!  It reminds me of Magnolia Pearl meets Junk Gypsy meets the Southwest!  So pretty with just a little bit of an edge!

This is another look for spring that I am absolutely wild about....fringe!  Check out the long lavender fringe dress and the fringe skirt with the lace blouse.  Long, flowy and feminine, but just a little bit wild and different!  Gorgeous!

Love these fresh pastel floral outfits!  Florals are always popular in spring, but these ones are just a tad brighter than in the past.  The thing I love the best about this look...check out their shoes!  Fabric flowers have really been popular this past while on necklaces, brooches and on hair pieces, but now they are adorning shoes!  How much do I love this look?  A LOT!

Another fringed piece...a short fringed skirt with a Glam Cowgirl belt and choker.

More stunning floral outfits complete with flowers on their shoes.  I especially love the little dress on the right, although I think that the girl on the left (and maybe even the girl on the right) seriously needs to eat a hamburger or something!

A beat up leather Glam Cowgirl style hat.  There is something about an old weathered piece paired with a feminine piece such as this white blouse that is just so stunning!

So there you have it, a little spring fashion preview for all of you gals out there who are just itching for warmer weather and lighter, prettier clothes!  Keep dreaming, spring will come!

Until next time, ~Stacy~


FourSistersInACottage said...

I WANT THAT BLUE if I could just lose some weight, I would look good in that....LOL
only if I lost about 40 pounds :)
Thanks for sharing and YOUR MUSIC IS BEAUTIFUL....just like YOU!!!!
Hugs, Amy

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Hi Stacy, Darn it, I think I missed out on your giveaway. Well, that's Ok..... I just realize I was somewhat late.

My way of dressing when it comes to long skirts, especially the lace ones or slips that hang out from whatever it may be with dresses or skirts. I love that hat.... how perfect is that!

Enjoy your Evening*

Linda said...

Wow! Looking at these fashions, I am inspired to do more of my tatting! They are just beautiful. Thank you for posting them. Your blog is great!

Benita said...

Oh I love all the beautiful clothing !! If only it would look that good on me though... LOL

Georgianna said...

Stacy, I watched the entire Ralph Lauren Spring Show. Twice. Love all of it. That mauve gypsy dress – o, my! Thanks for sharing!