Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Winter Day In Utah

Most of us across the country are experiencing a deep freeze right now with temperatures well below freezing and lots of snow to boot! Even Fifi and Janet down in Florida are freezing! It has been snowing for almost three days now off and on (mostly on!) so when I saw hubby out with the snow blower this morning, I thought I'd grab my camera and capture the moment. My statues are all covered in white and even though they make a pretty picture, I cannot wait for spring to show up, although something tells me it will be later rather than sooner this year. Even Bobo has to go out sometimes! He is not thrilled with this weather, although at 16 years old, he is quite the trooper! I hope we will see some sunshine soon as the first picture suggests. This was taken on a lovely, sunny day and it's on those days that winter doesn't seem to matter. Please come soon spring! In the meantime, bundle up and stay warm! ~Stacy~

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