Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fairytale Cottage ~ So Pretty In Pink!

I ask you this...just where has all the fun gone in building houses these days? As I drive past house after house in endless subdivisions in the city I live in, I wonder where all of the fun, whimsy and joy has gone when building a new home. Granted, you may not want to go as far as this absolutely darling house! After all, Minnie Mouse calls this cottage home in Orlando, Florida, and she may not take too kindly to being copied, but I think we could all learn a lesson from her sweet abode.

Just the colors on this house are pure fun, let alone the darling hearts everywhere and the rounded corners on the walls, shutters and window boxes. Even taking a few hints from this cottage would make your home more sweet and unique. Look at those pretty hearts on the roof line and on the gables. How cute are those!? I just love how everything on this house looks chubby and round. It has given me a few ideas for my own home and who cares what the neighbors think! I know I don't. They already think our home is abit different...a little bit of pink out in the front yard never hurt anyone and I seem to have my share of pink things hanging around. A friend just gave me a pink hose and sprayer yesterday. It sure looks cute on my hose reel. (*_*)

Some other adorable cottages of interest are the ones located in Carmel, Calfornia. If you go on and search for "carmel fairytale cottage" or similar, you will come up with numerous absolutely darling homes. They are perhaps a little more realistic than Minnie's house, but they still have a very fairytale quality about them. In the meantime, I hope Minnie gives you some inspiration to add some whimsy to your own cottage and yard. Do enjoy! ~Stacy~ xo


Punk Rose Paper said...

Oh my goodness - pure delight! I adore Minnie's style, and wish I could build one just like that for my little girl ~ Her latest idea is creating a magical fairy garden in the backyard, instead of a real garden! Now that I've read your post, we just might do it! Inspiring indeed :) xoxo

Jodie LeJeune said...

You are so funny...
I was reading this and gooing and gaahing wondering where this precious little house was...then I read it was Minnie's!!!! Only in Disney where Dreams come true!!! haha
Do you really have a pink hose? Don't lose that generous friend, she's a keeper! ;)
everything vintage

jeni said...

Love your post and I couldn't agree more. It seems like so many homes look alike instead of reflecting the owners. Many people are too worried about what others will think causing conformity. Not Minnie. She definately teaches us. Be who you are and be proud she would say.


Vintage Rose Collection said...

Stacy, you always seem to amuse my senses, your quite the canadian card!
Of course, Mini is a favorite and you captured her soul and sense of style to a tea.. You would make her proud!

Lori said...

I had no idea that was Minnie's house!! Now I want to go to Disney even more this September! Did you mention its in Florida? My memory, gesh.... Have a lovly weekend, Lori

Stephenie said...

What a cute post...Just loved Minnie Mouses sweet little cottage when I went to Disney..Just the cutest little thing I had ever seen.. Just love your blog..It's just so pretty...

Cathy said...


I just read your entire blog and thoroughly enjoyed every post. I didn't know you had a blog until your newsletter arrived today.

I laughed all the way through the post of following people around the thrift store hoping they put back that beautiful item in their cart. I am guilty!!!!

Absolutely love Mini Mouse's House. I'm going to Disney with DH in Oct. to celebrate our 10th anniversary. We married in Disney in 1999! Definitely going to take pics of MM's house when I get there!

xo Cathy