Monday, March 16, 2009

Antoinette Inspires At Dear Lizzie...

I am completely enthralled by a "new" shop that I have been visiting these past few weeks. Dear Lizzie has been in business for awhile, but I have never visited and now I have been there for two weeks in a row and plan on continuing my little sojourn to this lovely oasis. This delightful shop in Highland, Utah, really rocks the shabby, cottage, french style decor that I so dearly love and it is a true treasure trove of inspiration. It is sometimes hard to find a place to go that incorporates all of the styles that I love, but this boutique has it all and it is decorated lavishly and in dazzling style!

I picked up this adorable Marie Antoinette style sign there a few weeks back and it fits beautifully into my decor. There are so many goodies in this shop that I would love to have, but unfortunately my budget is not limitless (darn!). It's such a treat though to find a new "something special" in a beautiful atmosphere. One of the loveliest things about this boutique is that it has an adorable bistro/tea room complete with ruffled slipcovered chairs and beautiful chandeliers. The color scheme is chocolate brown and pink and I'll tell you ladies, I'm almost thinking that chocolate brown would look lovely on my walls...such glorious inspiration everywhere! (*_*)

If you are ever in the Salt Lake valley, do look up this beautiful boutique. It is only a few minutes south of Salt Lake city on I-15 on the way to Provo ~ take the Highland/Alpine exit. I've included the information here for you on their lovely business card. Also, be sure to see the Mother's Day issue of Romantic Homes as the owner, Laura Jarman, informed me that her shop is going to be featured. I can't wait! Until next time, ~Stacy~ xo


Fabulously Shabby said...

I'm so jealous. There are NO shops like that around Maine. I'll be looking for it in Romantic Homes. Thanks for sharing =O)

Robyn said...

Just beautiful! Love your find!