Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spring Will Return...

Spring is nature's way of saying "Let's Party!" ~ Robin Williams. I wonder how many of you want to do just that after this incredibly long winter. You can certainly count me in!

As I look out across the frozen landscape that is my back lawn, I yearn for green grass, chirping birds and gentle breezes. Just yesterday it seemed to be melting, now today it is snowing and covering us again in yet another pristine blanket of white. Fluffy white flakes drift gently down, they appear to be artificial as if they are being shaken in slow motion from the rafters on a movie set. The entire neighborhood is cloaked in a hushed silence.

There are very early signs of spring in our yard though. All hope is not lost! Just the other day I went outside to get some much needed fresh air and came across some small trees that we planted in late fall. I looked closely and sure enough, there were the teeniest buds sprouting forth from what seemed to be only long willowy sticks planted firmly in the ground. A little further down the garden path I stopped to see how one of my lilac bushes had faired through the winter. Much to my surprise, fat green buds were shooting out of all of the branches ~ how wonderful it was to witness such an early spring miracle!

As I gaze out now at the small tree in the middle of our backyard, I notice three fluffy birds perched on the top of some branches near an old nest that has weathered the winter storms. A faded flash of red strikes my eye as the birds chatter to themselves and I look again to make sure I am not seeing things. Three lovely robins, abit disheveled from winter, are beckoning to one another through their cheery songs. Spring might not be too far off after all! Until next time, ~Stacy~ xo

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I long for Spring too! Today it is so warm, 60... Tomorrow it will be in the 20's again! Can't wait for May!!
Hugs, Marilyn